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Great Results in FITRANS 2015

Professionals, Exhibitors and Visitors attended to Corferias and participated in 222 Business Meetings and International Academic Agenda.

General information

FITRANS 2015 is a specialized trade show that brings together the most representative manufacturers, and distributors of vehicles for passenger transportation and cargo vehicles; as well as accessories, services and technology for said vehicles in order to meet the needs of public and private transport operators from Colombia and Latin America.

FITRANS is to be the hub for this specialized market in the region due to the possibilities to match the needs of the market, the governments and the private industry with the best offering of technology, services, providers of the world not only for present needs but also for the future.

FITRANS 2015 brings business opportunities for the public and cargo transport

  1. The International Passenger Transportation brings together the most representative exhibitors from the World to provide buyers from the Pacific Alliance, Andean Region, Central America and The Caribbean.
  2. Make your company visible, show your brands, launch new products.
  3. Get to know important people from your sector participating in the networking sessions and scenarios.
  4. Consolidate your expansion strategy, penetrate new markets and find potential distributors or partners.
  5. Bring your clients more benefits by meeting in person, and making them participate of your potential presentations and complimentary activities.
  6. Build up a new data base of new potential customers and contacts.
  7. Participate within the International Congress and get up to date about the trends and most relevants topics of the public transport.